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Bonnie Schulkin is a Udemy instructor with educational courses available for enrollment. Check out the latest courses taught by Bonnie Schulkin with Coupon codes. by using these coupons you will get the course at $9.99.

Udemy Course Name Discription Duration Rating Students Coupon Link
Testing Next.js Apps with Jest, Testing Library and Cypress Learn to test a real-world serverless React app with routes, authentication, database and more! 8 hrs 4.4 1441 Get Coupon
Automated Accessibility Testing for React Applications Introduction to accessibility audits you can add to your automated test suite 2 hrs 4.4 218 Get Coupon
Advanced React Testing: Redux Saga and React Router Level-up your React testing skills to include Redux Saga, React Router and Auth-Protected Routes! 7 hrs 4.7 1356 Get Coupon
React Query / TanStack Query: React Server State Management Mastering queries, mutations, integration with auth, testing and more! 8 hrs 4.8 5835 Get Coupon
Testing React with Jest and React Testing Library (RTL) Learn best practices for testing your apps with Jest and React Testing Library! 8 hrs 4.6 23770 Get Coupon
Regular Expressions for Beginners and Beyond! With Exercises Learn regular expression (regex) fundamentals, or expand your existing skills 3 hrs 4.8 14751 Get Coupon
React Testing with Jest and Enzyme Improve your React, Redux, Hooks and Context Code with Test Driven Development 15 hrs 4.3 26143 Get Coupon


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