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Martin Yanev, internationally acclaimed Software & Aerospace Engineer and online instructor at udemy. he has 25+ courses on it, those are related to programming, aerospace engineering and java game development. Here the list 100% coupon codes for all his courses for limited time.

100%OFF Coupons-27-01-2023

Udemy Course Name Discription Duration Rating Students Coupon Link
NIST Cybersecurity A-Z: NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) Learn to create a complete Risk Management Framework from scratch with NIST Risk Management Guidelines 9.5 hrs 4.1 7399 Get Coupon
PyCharm Productivity and Debugging Techniques Optimize Your Python Programming by Learning PyCharm IDE 9.5 hrs 4.5 10576 Get Coupon
Intellij IDE Productivity and Debugging Techniques with Java Optimize Your Java Programming Integrating Intellij IDE for GIT Support, Refactoring, Maven, JavaFX, JUnit and Debugging 6 hrs 4.8 1099 Get Coupon
The Complete Java Game Development Course for 2022 Develop Java games from scratch: From Beginner to Expert 8.5 hrs 4.5 99879 Get Coupon
Java Games Development With libGDX | Create 5 Games Learn libGDX from Scratch and Develop Amazing Games | From Zero to Hero 11 hrs 4.9 31875 Get Coupon
ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management Certification Learn ISO 22301 from scratch to continually improve your management system and prevent disruptive incidents 4 hrs 4.7 2149 Get Coupon
The Complete Mathematics Software Developer Course for 2022 All Mathematics You Need To Know As a Programmer 6.5 hrs 4.2 49093 Get Coupon
Python Technical Interview Questions: The Ultimate Course Take your Python technical interview tomorrow 13.5 hrs 4.6 13477 Get Coupon
The Complete Mobile Notary Business Course Start a notary business from home and learn Notary loan signing, real estate signing, Bankruptcy assistance and more 4 hrs 4.7 2143 Get Coupon
Aerospace Masterclass: Transonic Aerodynamics Learn Aerodynamics from Beginner to Expert and How to Design Airfoils and Wings of Commercial Aircrafts 8 hrs 4.1 19476 Get Coupon
The Complete Automation PyTest Course for 2022 Learn PyTest by Creating Real World Python Project and Writing Test Cases 9 hrs 4.2 38117 Get Coupon
ISO 13485: Medical Devices QMS Certification Masterclass Learn ISO 13485 from scratch for medical devices development, production, storage and distribution or installation 9 hrs 3.9 2170 Get Coupon
The Complete Python Game Development Course for 2022 The Complete Python Game Development Course for 2022 5 hrs 4.3 61167 Get Coupon
The Complete Python Network Programming Course for 2022 Learn Network Programming with the Full Featured Python Libraries 12 hrs 4.3 31462 Get Coupon
The Complete Java Game Development Course 2022: Part 2 Learn Java by Designing Games From Scratch | From Zero to Hero 2021 7.5 hrs 4.1 13291 Get Coupon
Game Development with PyGame | Real World Games Learn PyGame by Developing Games From Scratch 11 hrs 4.3 45205 Get Coupon
The Complete RESTful APIs with Python Course Learn RESTful with Python including: Django, Nameko, MongoDB and Flask 9 hrs 4.7 10389 Get Coupon
Aerospace Masterclass: Aircraft Design Become an Aircraft Designed by Building Business Jet From Scratch 4.5 hrs 4 25383 Get Coupon
NIST Cybersecurity A-Z: NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Learn to create a complete Cybersecurity Framework from scratch with NIST Cybersecurity Guidelines 4.5 hrs 4.1 5347 Get Coupon
The Complete GSAP: JavaScript ,HTML and CSS Course for 2022 Create Animated Web Pages From Scratch with GSAP 4 hrs 4.3 24508 Get Coupon
PEP8 Guidelines: Python Clean Coding Learn PEP8 guidelines and write your Python code professionally 5 hrs 4.7 9341 Get Coupon
The Complete Microsoft Playwright Course with Python Learn to Create Automation Test Cases from Scratch with Playwright and PyTest 8 hrs 4.2 2220 Get Coupon
Game Development with Java and Python Learn Java and Python by Designing Games From Scratch | From Zero to Hero 8.5 hrs 4.4 14262 Get Coupon
Python API Programming with FastAPI and Flask The Complete FastAPI Course With Python 4.5 hrs 4.6 13361 Get Coupon
The Complete Java Swing Course for GUI Development for 2022 Learn Developing GUI Desktop Applications and Games on Java 8.5 hrs 3.9 30477 Get Coupon
The Complete Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Course Learn Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Crack the ICYB Exam 4.5 hrs 4.4 3268 Get Coupon
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Pharmaceutical Industry Certification course for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in Pharmaceutical Food Industries 7.5 hrs 4.1 1099 Get Coupon
(CMS) Customer Success Management: Certification Course Learn all Phases and Practice the Customer Success Management(CSM) Framework 7.5 hrs 4.1 800 Get Coupon
ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS): Full Certification Bootcamp Get certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 Information Security Management Standards 5.5 hrs 4.1 1099 Get Coupon


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