Advanced HTML CSS & SASS – Build and Deploy Modern Websites

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What will you learn:

  1. How to Setup a Developer Environment
  2. HTML & CSS Basics – Build & Deploy Blog Website
    1. What is HTML
    2. HTML Comments
    3. HTML Heading Elements
    4. HTML Paragraph & Dummy Text
    5. HTML Horizontal Rules and Line Breaks
    6. HTML <div> Tag
    7. HTML Styles
    8. HTML Lists
    9. HTML Links
    10. HTML <img> Tag
    11. HTML Semantic Elements
    12. HTML <header> Element
    13. HTML <nav> Element
    14. HTML <section> Tag
    15. HTML <main> and <article> Tag
    16. HTML <audio> & <iframe> tags
    17. HTML <footer> Tag
    18. HTML Symbols and Icons
    19. What is CSS
    20. CSS Selectors
    21. HTML Elements ID there CSS selection
    22. HTML Elements Classes and there CSS selection
    23. CSS Colors
    24. CSS Backgrounds
    25. CSS Borders
    26. CSS Margins and Paddings
    27. CSS Selects All and General Reset
    28. Text Formatting
    29. CSS Fonts
    30. CSS Height, Width and Max-width
    31. CSS Pseudo-class
    32. Pseudo-element
    33. CSS Layout – The position Property
    34. CSS Flexbox Layout Module
    35. CSS Grid Layout Module
    36. Create Multiple  Web pages
    37. Shared Web Page Structure
    38. Navigate between web pages
    39. CSS Forms and Contact information
    40. CSS Transitions
    41. CSS Image Reflection
    42. CSS 2D Transforms
    43. CSS Animations
    44. CSS Media Queries
    45. Responsive About Page
    46. Responsive Blog Page and Post
    47. Responsive Post
    48. What is GitHub and How to create a GitHub Account
    49. Create a GitHub Repository & Publish your website
  3. CSS Variables
  4. CSS Calc () Method
  5. CSS Flexbox Project
  6. CSS Grid Project
  7. Visual Studio Code Extensions and Shortcut keys
  8. SASS & SCSS – The CSS with Superpowers
  9. Scss Utilities
  10. Scss Project – Button Component
  11. Scss Projects – Alert Component
  12. Scss Project – Card Component
  13. Scss Project – Navbar Component
  14. Project E-Learning Website using Scss

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