Linear Algebra and Geometry 1

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Systems of equations, matrices, vectors, and geometry
Instructed by Hania Uscka-Wehlou 46 hours on-demand video & 361 downloadable resources

What you’ll learn

  • How to solve problems in linear algebra and geometry (illustrated with 175 solved problems) and why these methods work.
  • Solve systems of linear equations with help of Gauss-Jordan or Gaussian elimination, the latter followed by back-substitution.
  • Interpret geometrically solution sets of systems of linear equations by analysing their RREF matrix (row equivalent with the augmented matrix of the system).
  • Matrix operations (addition, scaling, multiplication), how they are defined, how they are applied, and what computational rules hold for them.
  • Matrix inverse: determine whether a matrix is invertible; compute its inverse: both with (Jacobi) algorithm and by the explicit formula; matrix equations.
  • Determinants, their definition, properties, and different ways of computing them; determinant equations; Cramer’s rule for n-by-n systems of equations.
  • Vectors, their coordinates and norm; geometrical vectors and abstract vectors, their addition and scaling: arithmetically and geometrically (in 2D and 3D).
  • Vector products (scaling, dot product, cross product, scalar triple product), their properties and applications; orthogonal projection and vector decomposition.
  • Analytical geometry in the 3-space: different ways of describing lines and planes, with applications in problem solving.
  • Compute distances between points, planes and lines in the 3-space, both by using orthogonal projections and by geometrical reasoning.
  • Determine whether lines and planes are parallel, and compute the angles between them (using dot product and directional or normal vectors) if they intersect.
  • How to geometrically interpret n-by-2 and n-by-3 systems of equations and their solution sets as intersection sets between lines in 2D or planes in 3D.
  • Understand the connection between systems of linear equations and matrix multiplication.
  • Invertible Matrix Theorem and its applications; apply determinant test in various situations.

Who this course is for:

  • University and college engineering

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