Real Ethical Hacking in 43 Hours: Certificated CSEH+CEH 2024

Real Ethical Hacking in 43 Hours: Certificated CSEH+CEH 2024 Course includes 43 hrs video content and enrolled by 64,293 students and received a 4.7 average review out of 5. Now, Course instructor offering 100%OFF on the original price of the course and its limited time offer. Enroll the course before the coupon expired Once you’re enrolled for the course, you can start it whenever and complete it at your own pace. it will never expire on your account.

Ethical Hacking, Pentest, Python Hacking, CEH, Metasploit, Linux , Nmap, Linux Hacking, OSCP and other awesome topics. +
Instructed by OCSALY Academy 43 hours on-demand video, 2 practice tests & 111 downloadable resources

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the basics of ethical hacking and the different types of hackers
  • Learning the fundamentals of Linux operating system and how to use it for ethical hacking
  • Conducting reconnaissance and gathering information using open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques
  • Exploring the different tools and techniques used in ethical hacking
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks
  • Understanding the different phases of ethical hacking, such as reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and covering tracks
  • Learning how to use Metasploit, a popular penetration testing framework
  • Understanding how to exploit vulnerabilities using various techniques such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and buffer overflow
  • Learning how to use Nmap, a powerful network scanner
  • Understanding how to use Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer, to sniff network traffic
  • Learning how to use Kali Linux, a popular ethical hacking operating system
  • Learning how to use proxy tools such as Burp Suite and ZAP to intercept and modify HTTP requests and responses
  • Understanding how to secure computer systems and networks from various threats
  • Learning how to use social engineering techniques to gain access to systems and networks
  • Learning how to use password cracking tools such as John the Ripper and Hashcat
  • Understanding the different types of firewalls and how to bypass them
  • Learning how to use virtual private networks (VPNs) to stay anonymous and secure online
  • Understanding how to perform web application penetration testing
  • Learning how to use Tor, a free and open-source software for anonymous communication
  • Understanding how to write ethical hacking reports and present findings to clients.
  • Learning how to use virtual machines for ethical hacking
  • Understanding how to use network sniffers to capture and analyze network traffic
  • Learning how to perform reconnaissance using Google Dorking
  • Understanding how to use SSH (Secure Shell) for secure remote access to a system
  • Learning how to use port scanning tools such as Nmap and Masscan
  • Understanding how to use SQLmap to automate SQL injection attacks
  • How to use Kali Linux and other tools to perform real-world hacking scenarios and penetration testing
  • How to gather information on targets using advanced Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques
  • Understanding the psychology and methodology of social engineering attacks
  • How to use packet sniffing tools such as Wireshark to analyze and intercept network traffic
  • The different types of malware, how to detect them, and how to remove them
  • Understanding the importance of cryptography in securing data and communications
  • How to perform wireless network penetration testing and exploit vulnerabilities
  • How to identify and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Understanding how to use firewalls, IDS, IPS, and other security measures to defend against attacks
  • How to bypass antivirus software and evade detection when performing hacking attacks
  • The different types of denial-of-service attacks and how to mitigate them
  • How to perform reverse engineering and analyze software for vulnerabilities
  • Understanding the basics of network architecture and how to perform network mapping
  • How to use password cracking tools and techniques to gain access to sensitive information
  • How to use virtual machines to set up testing environments and safely perform hacking attacks
  • How to use TOR and other anonymization tools to protect your privacy and remain anonymous online
  • How to perform web application penetration testing and find vulnerabilities in popular web frameworks
  • Understanding how to use steganography to hide data in images and other files
  • How to use honeypots to detect and study the behavior of attackers
  • How to write ethical hacking reports and communicate findings to clients.

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Can I download Real Ethical Hacking in 43 Hours: Certificated CSEH+CEH 2024 course?

You can download videos for offline viewing in the Android/iOS app. When course instructors enable the downloading feature for lectures of the course, then it can be downloaded for offline viewing on a desktop.
Can I get a certificate after completing the course?
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, learners will get the course e-Certification from the course provider. The Real Ethical Hacking in 43 Hours: Certificated CSEH+CEH 2024 course certification is a proof that you completed and passed the course. You can download it, attach it to your resume, share it through social media.
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