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Ranga Karanam, founder of in28minutes and instructor at udemy. he is multi-cloud certified and he has 45+ courses on udemy. his courses are focused on Cloud Certifications (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform – GCP), DevOps, Full Stack ( React, Angular ), Serverless, Programming, and Microservice Development with Java and Spring Boot. Here the coupon codes for all of his courses, by using coupon code you can get the course at $9.99

Udemy Course Name Discription Duration Rating Students Coupon Link
Java Programming for Complete Beginners Java Programming for Beginners to Java Object Oriented Programming. Core Java + REST API with Spring Boot. Java 8 to 16. 31 hrs 4.5 176531 Get Coupon
Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Java Spring Boot Microservices 5-in-1 – Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes and REST API (REST Web Services) 22 hrs 4.5 192081 Get Coupon
GCP Associate Cloud Engineer – Google Cloud Certification GCP ACE – Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification. Begin your Google Cloud Platform – GCP journey! 17 hrs 4.6 64534 Get Coupon
AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals in a Weekend PASS AZ-900 in a WEEKEND. GET Azure Certification – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. 8 hrs 4.6 63770 Get Coupon
GCP Professional Cloud Architect: Google Cloud Certification Become a GCP Cloud Architect. Architect Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Solutions. Includes 4 New Case Studies. 21 hrs 4.6 36755 Get Coupon
Learn DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and Azure DevOps DevOps for Absolute Beginners: Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible – AWS, Azure & Google Cloud 21 hrs 4.5 95773 Get Coupon
GCP for Beginners – Become a Google Cloud Digital Leader Google Cloud for Beginners. Start Cloud Computing with GCP and become a Cloud Digital Leader. 10 hrs 4.6 29852 Get Coupon
Learn Spring Boot in 100 Steps – No 1 Java Framework Java Spring Boot Framework in 100 steps – Build a REST API and a Web application with Java, JPA, SpringBoot and Maven 16 hrs 4.5 70273 Get Coupon
Master Java Web Services and REST API with Spring Boot Build Java Web Services & REST API – RESTful & SOAP – with Spring & Spring Boot. Learn REST API & SOAP Web Services Now! 12 hrs 4.5 67396 Get Coupon
Spring Framework Master Class – Java Spring the Modern Way Learn the magic of Java Spring Framework with Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, Spring AOP, Hibernate, JUnit & Mockito 13 hrs 4.5 132245 Get Coupon
Google Cloud Developer – GCP Professional Certification Get Google Cloud Developer Professional Certification. Develop Solutions for Google Cloud Platform – GCP. 22 hrs 4.6 8848 Get Coupon
Master Hibernate and JPA with Spring Boot in 100 Steps Learn Hibernate, JPA (Java Persistence API) and Spring Data JPA using Spring and Spring Boot 14 hrs 4.5 59806 Get Coupon
Go Java Full Stack with Spring Boot and Angular Become a Full Stack Java Developer. Build Your First Java Full Stack Application with Angular and Spring Boot. 12 hrs 4.5 68473 Get Coupon
Learn Java Unit Testing with Junit & Mockito in 30 Steps Learn Mockito and JUnit – the most popular Java unit testing and mocking frameworks – with 25 Examples 4.5 hrs 4.3 70305 Get Coupon
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – SAA C03 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – Updated for SAA C03 29 hrs 4.6 45806 Get Coupon
AWS Certified Developer Associate – AWS Certification AWS Certified Developer Associate – AWS Certification. Achieve the AWS Developer Certification in in28minutes way! 34 hrs 4.6 28113 Get Coupon
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – AWS Certification AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – AWS Certification. Start Cloud Computing. Learn AWS Concepts. 13 hrs 4.6 30870 Get Coupon
DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals in a Weekend Pass DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals exam in a WEEKEND. BONUS: 1 Practice test and 8 quizzes! 7 hrs 4.6 12411 Get Coupon
Java Interview Guide : 200+ Interview Questions and Answers Get Ready for your Java Interview with 200+ Java Interview Questions for Beginners 6 hrs 4.6 41633 Get Coupon
Learn Java Functional Programming with Lambdas & Streams Learn Java Functional Programming with Lambdas & Streams. Learn the most powerful NEW feature in Java 8 and Java 9. 5 hrs 4.6 20393 Get Coupon
Learn Apache Camel Framework with Spring Boot Learn Apache Camel Framework with Spring Boot. Implement EI Architecture Patterns with Active MQ, Kafka and REST API. 4 hrs 4.4 7908 Get Coupon
Cloud Computing in a Weekend – Learn AWS Start with Cloud Computing in a Weekend. Learn AWS Concepts – Most Popular Cloud Computing Platform 7 hrs 4.7 2175 Get Coupon
Kubernetes for Beginners: Google Cloud, AWS & Azure Kubernetes for Beginners – with Spring Boot Java Microservices – Play with GKE, AWS EKS & Azure AKS 13 hrs 4.7 35231 Get Coupon
Docker for Beginners: DevOps for Java & Spring Boot Docker for Beginners. DevOps for Java Spring Boot Microservices. Get Hands-on with Docker. 7 hrs 4.5 32224 Get Coupon
Master Java Unit Testing with Spring Boot & Mockito Learn to write awesome Java JUnit unit tests with Spring Boot, Mockito, JsonAssert, Hamcrest & JsonPath in 40 easy steps 4 hrs 4.3 25195 Get Coupon
Spring & Spring Boot Interview Guide Spring & Spring Boot Interview Guide with 200+ Questions & Answers. With REST API, JPA, Hibernate and Spring Data JPA. 6 hrs 4.4 25459 Get Coupon
AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals in a Weekend AI-900 in a WEEKEND: PASS Azure Certification – Azure AI Fundamentals 4 hrs 4.5 5915 Get Coupon
Docker in AWS – Deploy Java Spring Boot to AWS Fargate & ECS Start Playing with Docker in AWS. Learn AWS ECS and AWS Fargate with Java, Spring Boot and Docker Microservices. 8 hrs 4.5 20038 Get Coupon
Clean Code with Java: Learn Simple Design, Refactoring & TDD Write Clean Code with Java. Learn Simple Design, Refactoring and Test Driven Development – TDD. 4.5 hrs 4.4 5771 Get Coupon
AWS Interview Guide – Review 50 AWS Services in 5 Hours Start Your AWS Interview Preparation in 5 Hours. Get Cloud Computing Interview Ready. 5 hrs 4.5 888 Get Coupon
Spring MVC For Beginners – Build Java Web App in 25 Steps Learn Spring MVC Framework with a Hands-on Step by Step Approach building a Todo Management Application! 6 hrs 4.5 36299 Get Coupon
Learn AWS – Deploy Java Spring Boot to AWS Elastic Beanstalk Learn AWS deploying Java Spring Boot Apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Take Java Spring Boot REST APIs & Full Stack to AWS. 6.5 hrs 4.5 23115 Get Coupon
Selenium WebDriver and Java – Learn Automation with Selenium Selenium webdriver and Java. Learn Automation Testing with Selenium & Java. Build Automation – Selenium, Junit & TestNG. 39 hrs 4.5 20353 Get Coupon
Master Azure Web Apps – Take Java Spring Boot Apps to Azure Learn Azure with Java Spring Boot REST API, Full Stack, Docker and Web Apps with Azure App Service and Azure Web Apps 6 hrs 4.6 15276 Get Coupon
GCP for AWS Professionals – Learn Google Cloud at F1 Speed GCP – Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals. Learn Google Cloud Platform ( GCP ) quickly using your AWS knowledge. 7.5 hrs 4.3 3186 Get Coupon
Master Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) with Spring Microservices [LEGACY] Learn Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). Deploy Java Spring Boot API, Full Stack & Microservices to Pivotal PCF. 5 hrs 4.5 16406 Get Coupon
AWS Lambda for Beginners: Learn Serverless with AWS AWS Lambda for Beginners – Learn AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, SAM & Serverless Framework 12 hrs 4.7 4005 Get Coupon
Python for Beginners – Go from Java to Python in 100 Steps Learn Python Programming using Your Java Skills. For Beginner Python Programmers. 8 hrs 4.5 5391 Get Coupon
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – EXAM REVIEW AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – Crash Course for AWS Certification Exam. Review in 6 HOURS. 6 hrs 4.4 15947 Get Coupon
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – EXAM REVIEW AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – 3 HOUR Crash Course for the AWS Certification 3 hrs 4.6 12908 Get Coupon
AWS Certified Developer Associate – EXAM REVIEW AWS Certified Developer Associate – 6 HOUR Crash Course for the AWS Certification Exam 6 hrs 4.6 11174 Get Coupon
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Tests AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – 5 Practice Tests & 300+ Exam Questions. Prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. 5 test 4.5 13514 Get Coupon


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