SAS Programming BASE certification course for SAS Beginners

SAS Programming BASE certification course for SAS Beginners

What you’ll learn

  • This course is suitable for the SAS BASE certifications including SAS Certified Specialist and SAS Certified Associate (Exam ID A00-231, A00-233, A00-215)
  • All critical and essential SAS BASE Data manipulation and data preparation skills
  • Handle Error by identify and solve SAS errors
  • Combine, merge and restructure data sets
  • SAS Statistical Procedures
  • Reports generating
  • SAS advanced topic: Proc SQL Essentials
  • SAS advanced topic: SAS Macros Essentials  

Current course contents: (Please see course curriculum for more detailed information on sections and lectures included in this course)

  • Software installation (SAS University Edition /SAS studio): the complete & step-by-step guide; detailed explanation on File path/directory in SAS studio
  • Navigate/work in SAS environment
  • Get Data in various format into SAS: (read .txt file, .csv file, Excel file, format input (using SAS informat to read dates; use SAS format to display SAS date values). Proc Import)
  • Create temporary and permanent SAS data sets (SET statement, LIBNAME statement, SAS libraries )
  • Combine data sets (Concatenate, Append, interleave, Match Merge (one -to-one merge, one-to-many merge))
  • Use SAS Functions to manipulate SAS date values (Explanation on how SAS stores date and time values, SAS functions include MDY, YEAR, QTR, MONTH, DAY, WEEKDAY, TODAY, DATE, INTCK, DATDIF, YRDIF)
  • Use SAS Functions to manipulate character and numeric data values (use SAS functions to Convert Character & Numeric Value (auto-convert; PUT & INPUT functions), Other SAS functions include: SCAN, SUBSTR, TRIM, UPCASE, LOWCASE, PROPCASE, CATX, INDEX, TRANWRD, INT, ROUND)
  • Conditionally execute SAS statements: IF-THEN/ELSE, DO and END statements
  • Simplify your data with Array (One dimensional array; two dimensional array; Creating Variables in an ARRAY Statement; Assigning Initial Values to Arrays & Creating Temporary Array Elements)
  • Process data with DO LOOPS (the basic of DO LOOPS; constructing DO LOOPS; Conditionally Executing DO Loops using DO UNTIL and DO WHILE; Using Conditional Clauses with the Iterative DO Statement)
  • Work with data & Creating labels and formats (Use assignment statements in the DATA step; Use LABEL and FORMAT statements to modify attributes in a DATA step; Define the length of a variable using the LENGTH statement; Control which observations and variables using DROP, KEEP statements and DROP=, KEEP= options, and IF statement)
  • SAS Statistical Procedures: Proc SORT; Proc PRINT; Proc MEANS; Proc FREQ; Proc UNIVARIATE, Proc Export, Proc Content
  • Generate list reports using the PRINT procedure (using VAR, SUM, WHERE, ID and BY statements)
  • Generate reports using ODS statements (Identify ODS destinations, create HTML, PDF, RTF, and Excel files with ODS statements)
  • Reconstruct/Reshape SAS Data sets in DATA step and using Proc TRANSPOSE
  • SAS advanced topic: Proc SQL Essentials
  • SAS advanced topic: SAS Macros Essentials


SAS certification prep guide: base programming by SAS Institute

The little SAS book: a primer / Lora D. Delwiche and Susan J. Slaughter

Learning SAS by example: a programmer’s guide / Ron Cody

Note: A SAS software licence allows SC statistical programming to create and sell video-based SAS programming online courses.

Who this course is for:

  • absolute SAS beginners
  • Anyone interested in taking SAS BASE certification exams


Can I download SAS Programming BASE certification course for SAS Beginners course?

You can download videos for offline viewing in the Android/iOS app. When course instructors enable the downloading feature for lectures of the course, then it can be downloaded for offline viewing on a desktop.
Can I get a certificate after completing the course?
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, learners will get the course e-Certification from the course provider. The SAS Programming BASE certification course for SAS Beginners course certification is a proof that you completed and passed the course. You can download it, attach it to your resume, share it through social media.
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