Intermediate to Advanced Python with 10 OOP Projects

Published on February 1st, 2024 and Last Verified on July 3rd, 2024,
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Course Name : Intermediate to Advanced Python with 10 OOP Projects
Short description : Everything you need to know to become an expert in Python including OOP, Git, APIs, databases, deployment, PEP8 and more
Duration : 23 hours on-demand video 14 coding exercises 32 articles 6 downloadable resources
Avg Rating : 4.5 (3,362 ratings)
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Provider : Udemy
Course Type : Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access

Instructed by Ardit Sulce

What you’ll learn

  • Escape the world of Python basics and take your Python skills to a professional level.
  • Master the ultimate object-oriented programming paradigm.
  • Build 10 real-world Python programs using the professional object-oriented programming approach.
  • Complete three independent Python projects and compare the solutions.
  • Learn how to plan your Python programs before writing them.
  • Write highly organized modular code.
  • Learn and apply software design principles when programming in Python.
  • Learn to troubleshoot code issues using debuggers.
  • Learn to use Git to track your code changes.
  • Get a deep understanding of how Python works under the hood.
  • Learn to polish your Python programs to make them ready for users to use.
  • Create weather forecast web maps with Python.
  • Generate PDF reports.
  • Create and manipulate images.
  • Control your computer and mobile camera.
  • Take photos from the computer or the mobile camera with Python and upload them to cloud services.
  • Build interactive web apps.
  • Send daily news by email and schedule automatic emails.
  • Build Python REST APIs.
  • Work with SQL databases.
  • Extract data via web scraping.
  • Learn to create desktop GUI programs.
  • Learn to create mobile apps.
  • Learn advanced core Python concepts such as class methods, static methods, abstract classes, etc.
  • Learn code refactoring.
  • Learn the PEP8 Style Guide for Python code.
  • Learn to create Python packages.

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