Asp.Net MVC 5 – Ultimate Guide – In depth & Sample Project

Published on January 1st, 2024 and Last Verified on July 3rd, 2024,
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Course Name : Asp.Net MVC 5 – Ultimate Guide – In depth & Sample Project
Short description : Asp.Net Mvc, Asp.Net Core Mvc, Repository Pattern, Web Api, Asp.Net Identity, Entity Framework
Duration : 21.5 hours on-demand video 31 articles 106 downloadable resources
Avg Rating : 4.6 (66,760 ratings)
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Provider : Udemy
Course Type : Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access

What you’ll learn

  • Confidently speak about MVC Architecture
  • Crack Asp .Net Mvc job interviews easier
  • Solve most common bugs and issues in Asp .Net Mvc applications
  • Working with Razor view engine, code like Pro
  • Secure Angular applications using the most-recommended – Asp .Net Identity
  • Interact with server using AJAX and build RESTful Services using Web API
  • Create real-world apps using Asp .Net Mvc 5
  • Create Asp .Net Mvc App Folder Structure with industry best practices like a Pro 

LEARN these HOT TOPICS in Asp .Net Mvc 5:

  • Controllers and Action Methods
  • Understand different types of ActionResult
  • Master the Razor View Engine and use it like a Pro
  • Read model collections to produce grids
  • Handle HTTP request and HTTP response headers
  • Create Layout views (for master pages)
  • Handle different issues of URL routing
  • Enable the NEW Attribute routing
  • Interact with database using EntityFramework DbFirst Approach and CodeFirst Approach
  • Update database using CodeFirst Migrations, in case of CodeFirst Approach
  • Create and use HTML Helpers for development of various Forms with all Validations
  • Create User Authentication and Security using Asp .Net Identity
  • Create and apply various types of Filters to Controllers and Action Methods
  • Handle Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Handle exceptions with real-time best practices
  • Create N-Tier architecture with Service Layer and Repository Layer
  • Share data using ViewBag, TempData and ViewData
  • Create REST-API End Points using Asp .NET Web API


  • A mini project, “Products Management”, where the admin can create categories, brands and products with REST API.
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