Best Artificial Intelligence Online Courses & Certifications

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Best Artificial Intelligence Online Courses & Certifications

Here are some highly regarded Artificial Intelligence (AI) online courses available on Udemy:

  1. Artificial Intelligence A-Z™ 2024: Build an AI with ChatGPT4” by Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves
  2. Machine Learning A-Z™: AI, Python & R + ChatGPT Bonus [2024]” by Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves
  3. Deep Learning A-Z™ 2024: Neural Networks, AI & ChatGPT Bonus” by Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves
  4. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp” by Jose Portilla
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python” by Lazy Programmer Inc.
  6. Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z™: OpenCV, SSD & GANs” by Hadelin de Ponteves and Kirill Eremenko
  7. NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python” by Jose Portilla
  8. Modern Artificial Intelligence Masterclass: Build 6 Projects” by Minerva Singh
  9. Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing” by Dr.Ryan Ahmed
  10. Tensorflow 2.0: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Lazy Programmer Inc.

These courses cover various aspects of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more. They provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge to build AI applications and understand AI concepts. When choosing a course, consider your current knowledge level, specific interests, and learning style. Review the course content, instructor profiles, ratings, and reviews from other learners to ensure the course aligns with your needs.

It’s worth noting that AI is a vast and rapidly evolving field, and staying updated with the latest developments, algorithms, and techniques is important. Consider exploring additional resources, research papers, and participating in AI communities to further enhance your understanding and practical skills.

Please note that the availability and rankings of courses on Udemy may change over time, so it’s recommended to review the latest information and user reviews before enrolling in a specific course.

Here is the Best and Highest Rated  Artificial Intelligence Online Courses on Udemy 2024.

Course NameInstructorDurationRatingsLink
Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AIHadelin de Ponteves,
Kirill Eremenko,
Luka Anicin,
Ligency Team,
SuperDataScience Support
16.5 hours4.4Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in PythonLazy Programmer Team,
Lazy Programmer Inc.
14.5 hours4.5Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence for BusinessHadelin de Ponteves,
Kirill Eremenko
15 hours4.5Enroll Now
The Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence in UnityPenny de Byl10.5 hours4.5Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for BusinessAnalytics Vidhya5.5 hours4.3Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence MasterclassHadelin de Ponteves,
Kirill Eremenko,
Ligency Team
12 hours4.3Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence Expert Certification (2024 Edition)Srinidhi Ranganathan
, Saranya Srinidhi
16.5 hours4Enroll Now
Modern Artificial Intelligence Masterclass: Build 6 ProjectsDr. Ryan Ahmed,
Mitchell Bouchard,
Ligency Team
16 hours4.6Enroll Now
ZERO to GOD Python 3.8 FULL STACK MASTERCLASS 45 AI projectsGopal Shangari30 hours3.1Enroll Now
Advanced AI For Games with Goal-Oriented Action PlanningPenny de Byl8 hours4.8Enroll Now
Modern Artificial Intelligence with Zero CodingDr. Ryan Ahmed,
Mitchell Bouchard,
Ligency Team
9.5 hours4.5Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence In Python: Build 6 AI ProjectsData Is Good Academy21 hours4.5Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence for Finance, Accounting & AuditingIvy Munoko5.5 hours4.3Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence for Simple GamesJan Warchocki,
Ligency Team
12.5 hours4.7Enroll Now
Artificial Intelligence IntroductionSudhanshu Saxena3.5 hours4.4Enroll Now


Can I download Best Artificial Intelligence Online Courses & Certifications course?

You can download videos for offline viewing in the Android/iOS app. When course instructors enable the downloading feature for lectures of the course, then it can be downloaded for offline viewing on a desktop.
Can I get a certificate after completing the course?
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, learners will get the course e-Certification from the course provider. The Best Artificial Intelligence Online Courses & Certifications course certification is a proof that you completed and passed the course. You can download it, attach it to your resume, share it through social media.
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