Bret Fisher

Bret Fisher is an freelance DevOps and Docker consultant, trainer, speaker, and Open Source volunteer working from Virginia Beach, USA.
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Best Seller
$12.99 Docker Swarm Mastery: DevOps Style Cluster Orchestration

Build, automate, and monitor a server cluster for containers using the latest open source on Linux and Windows Instructed by Bret Fisher 9.5 hours on-demand ...

Best Seller
$12.99 Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes +Swarm from a Docker Captain

Build, test, deploy containers with the best mega-course on Docker, Kubernetes, Compose, Swarm and Registry using DevOps Instructed by Bret Fisher 21 hours ...

Highest Rated
$12.99 Kubernetes Mastery: Hands-On Lessons From A Docker Captain

Learn the key Kubernetes features and plugins while practicing DevOps workflows, from a container expert Instructed by Bret Fisher 8 hours on-demand video, ...

Best Seller
$12.99 Docker for Node.js Projects From a Docker Captain

Build, test, deploy Node for Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, and ARM with the latest DevOps practices from a container expert Instructed by Bret Fisher 8 hours ...

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