Design Microservices Architecture with Patterns & Principles

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Instructed by Mehmet Ozkaya

What you’ll learn

  • Design Microservices Architecture with using Design Patterns, Principles and the Best Practices
  • Learn how to handle millions of request with designing system for high availability, high scalability, low latency, and resilience to network failures
  • Journey of software architecture design
  • Step by step evolving architecture monolithic to event driven microservices
  • Designing e-commerce monolithic – Layered – SOA – Microservices – Event-Driven Architecture
  • Microservices Decomposition Strategies
  • Microservices Communications (Sync / Async Message-Based Communication, API Gws)
  • Microservices Data Management (Databases / Query / Commands / Distributed Transactions)
  • Microservices Distributed Caching
  • Microservices Deployments with Containers and Orchestrators
  • Microservices Design Patterns and Best Practices
  • The Database-per-Service Pattern, Api Gateway Pattern, Backends for Frontends pattern BFF
  • Service Aggregator Pattern, Service Registry Pattern
  • CQRS and Event Sourcing Patterns, Eventual Consistency Principle, CAP Theorem
  • Materialized View Pattern, Publish–Subscribe Pattern, Database Sharding Pattern
  • Saga Pattern, Outbox Pattern
  • Code Review for Existing Microservices Architecture Repository on GitHub
  • Hands-on Design Activities, Iterate Design Architecture from On-Premises to Cloud Serverless architectures
  • Evolves architecture monolithic to event-driven microservices architectures
  • Refactoring System Design for handling million of requests
  • Prepare for Software Architecture Interviews
  • Prepare for System Design Architecture Interviews

You will find that we will add new requirements in order to handle millions of request and learn new patterns and practices that will use these principles when evolving architectures.

  • Layered Architecture
  • SOA
  • Microservices Architectures
  • Microservices Architectures API Gws
  • Microservices Architectures API Gws – BFF
  • Microservices Architecture – Service Aggregator / Registry Patterns
  • Microservices Architecture – Message Broker
  • Microservices Architecture – Database Sharding Cassandra
  • Event-Driven Microservices Architecture
  • Microservices Distributed Caching
  • Microservices Containers and Orchestrators

We will see full of patterns and principle toolbox is loading with new patterns and apply them into current designs. We will see latest patterns that we use more than 30 patterns and practices with implementing high scalability, high availability and handle millions of request requirements.

Let me write some microservices pattern which we covered in this course;

  • The Database-per-Service Pattern
  • API Gateway Pattern
  • Backends for Frontends pattern BFF
  • Service Aggregator Pattern, Service Registry Pattern
  • CQRS and Event Sourcing Patterns
  • Materialized View Pattern
  • Publish–Subscribe Pattern
  • Database Sharding Pattern
  • Saga Pattern
  • Outbox Pattern and so on..

So the course flow will be the both theoretical and practical information;

  • We will learn a specific pattern, why and where we should use
  • After that we will see the Reference architectures that applied these patterns
  • After that we will design our architecture with applying this newly learned pattern with together
  • And lastly we will decide which Technologies can be choices for that architectures.

And at the last section, we will made Code Review for Existing Microservices Architecture Repository on GitHub for practical implementation of microservices architecture.

So this course will includes

  • Hands-on Design Activities
  • Iterate Design Architecture from On-Premises to Cloud Server-less architectures
  • Evolves architecture monolithic to Event-Driven Microservices Architectures
  • Refactoring System Design for handling million of requests
  • Apply best practices with microservices design patterns and principles
  • Examine microservices patterns with all aspects like CommunicationsData Management, Caching and Deployments
  • Prepare for Software Architecture Interviews
  • Prepare for System Design Architecture Interview exams.

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to be Software Architecture
  • Who wants to be Solution Architecture
  • Who wants to pass System Design Architecture Interview

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