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Rust & WebAssembly with JS (TS) – The Practical Guide

Learn to code in Rust. Compile the code to WebAssembly. Prepare JS/TS frontend and create browser-based Snake game.

Next.js & React with ChatGPT – Development Guide (2024)

Build ChatGPT integration with Next.js & React to build an AI-powered chatbot for learning coding. All with javascript!

Svelte and Firebase: The Full Course (2024)

Create 2 apps with Svelte – Twitter and Trello clones. Unleash Svelte reactivity and speed. Use Firebase as data store.

Solidity & Ethereum with React/Next – Complete Guide (2024)

Build Smart Contracts in Solidity and Web3 DApps with React/Next. Understand Ethereum, Polygon, Hardhat and Ganache.

NFT Marketplace in React/Next & Solidity – Full Guide (2024)

Build Web3 NFT Marketplace on Ethereum using React/Next, Solidity, and Pinata (IPFS), with Typescript. Covers Polygon.

Game Development in JS/TS – The Complete Guide (w/ Phaser 3)

Master game dev with Javascript/Typescript and Phaser 3. Create popular browser games from scratch. Publish on Facebook.

Solid JS & Firebase – The Complete Guide (Twitter Clone App)

Build a Twitter-like app with Solid JS and Typescript. Unleash Solid JS reactivity. Use Firebase as the data store.

Electron & React JS: Build Desktop Chat App with Javascript

Create React.js chat app with Electron. Use Firebase as the database. Second app, ChatGPT + Electron with Typescript

React Native with Typescript – The Practical Guide

Create an app in React Native – from basic knowledge to working app. Learn React Native components, Typescript, and more

The Complete Unity Guide 3D – Beginner to RPG Game Dev in C#

Build 3 games & learn Unity practical way! Start with fundamentals and finish with an RPG game. Using Unity 2020 and C#

Complete Next.js with React & Node – Beautiful Portfolio App

Build Serverless Web Apps with Next.js. Learn Hooks. Deploy to Vercel. Next.js (Next JS 10+), React (React 16+) & Node.

React JS & Firebase Complete Course (incl. Chat Application)

Create “real world” React JS applications connected to Firestore (Firebase). Redux, authentication + real time features!

Next JS & Typescript with Shopify Integration – Full Guide

Learn modern Next JS(Next 10+). Code everything in Typescript and integrate with Shopify. Professional app architecture.

Unity 2D With C# – Complete Game Development Course

Create the complete 2D survival game in Unity with C#. Learn game development patterns. Become an Indie developer.

Next JS with React – Build Personal App (Blogs & Portfolios)

Build a personal app with Next/React JS and Typescript. Blogs, portfolios, and search features. No 3rd party dependency.

Next.js and Apollo – Portfolio App (w/ React, GraphQL, Node)

Learn GraphQL and Apollo! Create a fast portfolio application in Next.js(Next 9+) / React backed with Apollo + Node.js

Next.JS with Sanity CMS – Serverless Blog App (w/ Vercel)

Build your own Blog App with the latest Next.JS & React(Next 9.4+, React hooks). Learn how to use headless Sanity CMS.


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