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OpenAI API & ChatGPT for Automating & Business Productivity

Automate and Streamline Your Workflow with AI-driven Productivity! Artificial Intelligence + OpenAI API + ChatGPT API

Python REST APIs with Flask, Docker, MongoDB, and AWS DevOps

Learn Python coding with RESTful API’s using the Flask framework. Understand how to use MongoDB, Docker and Tensor flow.

Python Django 4 Masterclass | Build a Real World Project

Become an Expert Django Web Developer and Dramatically Increase Your Career Potential

Master Pycharm IDE | Become a Productive Python developer

Learn All the Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Coding Speed. Learn Code Refactoring, Version Control System, Debugging, etc

Java Spring Boot Using Intellij | Build a Real-world Project

Learn Java Spring Boot (SpringBoot), Thymeleaf, JPA, API, Postman, Intellij by Build Real World Web Application Project

MongoDB Masterclass: Excel in NoSQL & Pass Certification!

Unlock the Power of MongoDB: Learn Data Modeling, Aggregations, Indexing Using Java, Python, C# and Node.js

Java Programming For Beginners | Core Java Using IntelliJ

Learn Java Programming, Object Oriented Programming (oop java), IntelliJ for Complete Beginners using Java 17 / 21 LTS

10 Day MySQL Bootcamp | My SQL Database Design for Beginners

Learn SQL Using MySQL with Over 150+ Examples, Hands-On Lectures, and Challenges. Beginner to Advanced My SQL in 10 Days

Python Crash Course: Gain Real World Developer Skills Now!

Become a Python Developer able to create professional Python scripts, dramatically increasing your career options.

Oracle SQL Mastery: From Novice to Certified Database Pro

Master Complex Queries, Database Management, Oracle 1Z0-071 Prep, and Gain Hands-on SQL Experience

JavaScript Crash Course: Learn Essential Coding Skills Fast!

Accelerate Your JavaScript Journey: Variables, Loops, Functions, Classes, Expressions, Conditional Processing & More!

Object Oriented Programming using Python + Pycharm Hands-on

Practical approach to object oriented programming using Python and Pycharm. Grow as a Python developer.

Python Certification | Python PCEP Certification in 5 days

[With Practice Tests] Step by Step 5 Day bootcamp: Gain Confidence To Crack Python PCEP Certification Using Pycharm IDE.

Master IntelliJ Idea | Become a Productive Java Developer

Learn All the Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Coding Speed. Learn About Version Control System, Debugging, Tests, etc

Git & GitHub for Beginners & Integration With Popular IDEs

Practical Approach to Version Control Git and GitHub. Learn How Git Works With IntelliJ, Pycharm, Visual Studio, Eclipse

Product Management: ChatGPT for Product Manager’s Success

Master OpenAI’s ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering as Product Manager to Elevate Your Product Management, Innovation & Design

Learn Python 3 Programming | Become Job Ready using Pycharm

Practical programming for complete beginners with real world projects. Learn Python3, Tkinter, API’s, Web scraping, etc

SQL for Beginners, Managers, Marketing: Learn SQL in 2024

Learn SQL for Data Analytics. Database + SQL Concepts applicable to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server

Supercharge Your Development with ChatGPT: A Practical Guide

Master OpenAI’s ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering to Elevate Your Workflow as a Software Engineer Or Programmer

ChatGPT for Designers: Supercharge Your Design Workflow Now

Master OpenAI’s ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering to Elevate Your Workflow as a UI/UX or Graphic Designer. Product Design

Python Django Crash Course | Build Real World Web Apps

Learn Django 4 Framework using Python3. Django Template Language, Views, Models, URL Mappings, Dynamic web applications

Practical Java Testing With JUnit 5 for Complete Beginners

Learn To Automate Your Java Tests With JUnit 5. Learn Junit 5 for a Test Driven Approach. Unit Testing Using Java

Product Management : Be a Product Manager and Get the Job

Everything you would want to learn about Product Management to become a Product Manager.

Learn React JS for Web Development by Building Projects

React For Beginners (रियेक्ट फॉर बिगिनर्स ) Learn React, React Hooks, Deploying React Apps, Single Page Applications

Leadership Essentials: Vision, Influence, and Team Building

Let’s Begin Your Leadership Journey Today. Empowering Leaders With Strategies and Skills for Effective Leadership

Everything about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

Learn everything about Blockchain technology and Bitcoin. Have educated discussions! Get familiar with cryptocurrency

Test driven development in Java with Mockito Framework

Learn to write compelling unit tests using latest Mockito 3 Framework. Grow as a java developer and programmer

ChatGPT (चैटजीपीटी) for Product Management & Innovation

Harness the Power of AI in Product Management by learning Prompt Engineering, Product Research, Development

Master Generative AI For Leaders And Business Professionals

Master Generative AI [Artificial Intelligence] to Streamline Organization + Business Operations + Boost Productivity

Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam Preparation

Master Google Workspace [Google Suite] Administration – A Comprehensive Guide for IT Admins To Crack the Certification


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