ITVersity – Data Engineering & Database Course Coupons

Python for Beginners: Learn Python with Hands-on Projects

Learn Python from Scratch – Master Python Basics, Data Processing, Web Development and Automation for Beginners

Master Data Engineering using Azure Data Analytics

Learn Azure Storage for Data Lake, ADF for ETL, BigQuery for Data Warehouse, Databricks for Big Data Pipeline, etcs

Master Data Engineering using GCP Data Analytics

Learn GCS for Data Lake, BigQuery for Data Warehouse, GCP Dataproc and Databricks for Big Data Pipelines

Data Engineering Essentials using SQL, Python, and PySpark

Learn key Data Engineering Skills such as SQL, Python, Apache Spark (Spark SQL and Pyspark) with Exercises and Projects

Sqoop, Hive and Impala for Data Analysts (Formerly CCA 159)

Hands on Sqoop, Hive and Impala for Data Analysts

Master Apache Spark using Spark SQL and PySpark 3

Master Apache Spark using Spark SQL as well as PySpark with Python3 with complementary lab access

Spark SQL and Spark 3 using Scala Hands-On with Labs

A comprehensive course on Spark SQL as well as Data Frame APIs using Scala with complementary lab access

Data Engineering using Kafka and Spark Structured Streaming

A comprehensive Data Engineering course on building streaming pipelines using Kafka and Spark Structured Streaming

Linux Fundamentals for IT Professionals using Ubuntu 20x

Linux Commands for day to day usage and basics of Shell Scripting with Case Studies.

Practical Guide to setup Hadoop and Spark Cluster using CDH

Step by step instructions to setup Hadoop and Spark Cluster using Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop (Formerly CCA 131)

Data Engineering using AWS Data Analytics

Build Data Engineering Pipelines on AWS using Data Analytics Services – Glue, EMR, Athena, Kinesis, Lambda, Redshift

Master AWS Lambda Functions for Data Engineers using Python

Build Lambda Functions using Python, Lambda Triggers, Deploy using layers and Docker, Validate using Glue and Athena

Mastering Amazon Redshift and Serverless for Data Engineers

In-Depth Course on Amazon Redshift, Redshift Serverless, Integration with EMR, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda and more

Mastering AWS Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) for Data Engineers

Build Pyspark and Spark SQL Applications on AWS EMR, Orchestrate using Step Functions, Manage EMR using Boto3 and more

Databricks Essentials for Spark Developers (Azure and AWS)

Learn about Databricks Features

Mastering Databricks SQL Warehouse and Spark SQL

A Comprehensive Course on Databricks SQL Warehouse and Spark SQL for Data Engineers, Data Analysts, BI Developers, etc

Databricks Certified Associate Developer – Apache Spark 2022

A Step by Step Hands-on Guide to prepare for Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark using Pyspark

Data Engineering using Databricks on AWS and Azure

Build Data Engineering Pipelines using Databricks core features such as Spark, Delta Lake, cloudFiles, etc.


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