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Design Microservices Architecture with Patterns & Principles

Evolve from Monolithic to Event-driven Microservices Architecture with designing High Scalable and High Available system

Microservices Architecture and Implementation on .NET 5

Building Microservices on .Net which used Asp.Net Web API, Docker, RabbitMQ,Ocelot API Gateway, MongoDB,Redis,SqlServer

AWS Lambda & Serverless – Developer Guide with Hands-on Labs

Develop thousands line of AWS Lambda functions interact to AWS Serverless services with Real-world Hands-on Labs

AWS Serverless Microservices with Patterns & Best Practices

AWS Event-driven Serverless Microservices using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, EventBridge, SQS, DynamoDB and CDK for IaC

Deploying .Net Microservices with K8s, AKS and Azure DevOps

Deploying .Net Microservices to Kubernetes, move cloud Azure Kubernetes Services(AKS), Automating with Azure DevOps

Secure .Net Microservices with IdentityServer4 OAuth2,OpenID

Securing .Net Microservices with IdentityServer4 using OAuth2, OpenID Connect and Ocelot API Gateway

Microservices Observability, Resilience, Monitoring on .Net

Microservices Observability with Distributed Logging, Health Monitoring, Resilient and Fault Tolerance with using Polly

Microservices Interview: Essential Questions and Answers

Ace your next Microservices Interview with essential interview questions including design patterns and best practices.

Using gRPC in Microservices Communication with .Net 5

Building a high-performance gRPC Inter-service Communication between backend microservices with .Net

Cloud-Native: Microservices, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, CI/CD

Master Cloud-Native: Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, gRPC, Helm, Redis, Kafka, CI/CD, GitOps, ELK..

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