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Mohsen Hassan is Founder of bloom trading and Udemy Instructor Partner. He Has 10+ Courses on Udemy, which are related to Forex and Stock Trading. He Teaches around 305,400+ Students, all over the globe. Check out the latest Udemy courses coupons from Mohsen Hassan. By using bellow coupon code you will get the any course at $12.99 depending on your country price may vary.

Udemy Course Name Discription Duration Rating Students Coupon Link
The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course Learn To Trade The Stock Market. #1 Trading course. Inc: Technical Analysis, Candlesticks, Stocks, Day Trading +++ 10 hrs 4.6 186520 Get Coupon
Complete Investing Course (Stocks, ETFs, Index/Mutual Funds) Passive and Active Investing in Stocks, Bonds and Gold. Grow your Wealth by Investing in a well Diversified Portfolio. 12 hrs 4.6 28268 Get Coupon
The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course Learn To Trade The FOREX Market by A Trading Firm CEO. Inc: Technical Analysis, Candlesticks, Live Trading + much more 9 hrs 4.6 41837 Get Coupon
Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies Learn To Trade The Stock Market. For: Stocks, Day Trading, Swing Trading and Financial Trading 10 hrs 4.6 79884 Get Coupon
Day Trading and Swing Trading Strategies For Stocks Learn Financial Trading Strategies from A Professional Trader. Includes Day Trading Strategy & Swing Trading Strategy. 4 hrs 4.6 37741 Get Coupon
Forex Algorithmic Trading Course: Code a Forex Robot! Build a Completely Automated Trading Robot (Expert Advisor) from scratch using MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4)! 12 hrs 4.7 16702 Get Coupon
The Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Course – With Strategies Learn Advanced Cryptocurrency Day Trading and Swing Trading Strategies That You Can Start Implementing Today. 6 hrs 4.5 24902 Get Coupon
Live Stock Trading Course: Beginner to Pro Learn how to Day and Swing Trade with LIVE examples 8 hrs 4.6 15748 Get Coupon
The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course Learn everything about Cryptocurrency: From the Blockchain and Bitcoin to Cryptocurrency investing techniques! 13 hrs 4.6 37312 Get Coupon
Algorithmic Trading: Backtest, Optimize & Automate in Python Learn How to Use and Manipulate Open Source Code in Python so You can Fully Automate a Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy. 10 hrs 4.7 17213 Get Coupon
Run Your Trading Robot on a VPS or Raspberry Pi 24/7 Learn how to host your algorithmic trading code so that it can run 24/7 without interruption 6 hrs 4.2 3981 Get Coupon


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