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TIBCO Spotfire Development : Beginners To Advanced Course

Learn TIBCO Spotfire in this Fast Paced Course – Covering all Topics like Charts, Mods, Python, R, Spotfire Cloud & more

Power Pages – A Complete Guide to Microsoft Power Pages

Start building engaging, impactful & secure websites with a low-code platform – Microsoft Power Pages

Looker Studio /Google Data Studio Complete Advanced Tutorial

Learn the best Cloud based BI tool – Looker Studio / Google Data Studio – & Create Exceptional Reports in minutes !

Data Mesh – A Modern Decentralized Data Management Concept

Treat ‘Data as a Product’ in this Enterprise level, Domain focused approach of Data Architecture !

Web3 / Blockchain Project Manager Certification Course

Become a Blockchain Project / Product Manager and rise in the Web3 World with the hottest Job Role right now !

No-Code Machine Learning with Qlik AutoML

Learn Machine Learning Concepts, Build your Model & get accurate predictions without writing any Code using Qlik AutoML

Microsoft Clarity for Web Analytics : A-Z Complete Tutorial

Learn Microsoft’s latest new tool – Clarity – & get insights to improve your website experience and increase engagement.

Quantum Computing Fundamentals with Microsoft Azure Quantum

Foundational Course for Quantum Computing and Quantum Programming using Microsoft Azure Quantum, Q#, CLI, VSC & Python.

No-Code Machine Learning Using Amazon AWS SageMaker Canvas

Build your Machine Learning Model and get accurate predictions without writing any Code using AWS SageMaker Canvas

Solidity Interview Questions & Practice Tests (updated 2022)

Update / Refresh your knowledge on Solidity, or prepare better for your Solidity Developer Interview with Practice Tests

Project/ Product Management Frameworks & Methods MasterClass

Learn the top Product Managers skills – Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, JTBD, SMART, HEART, DACI, SPADE, CIRCLES and more.

Developer Relations Fundamentals โ€“ DevRel Masterclass 2023

Understand Developer Relations from the scratch, & know how you can join this new ‘hot’ & ‘high paying’ Domain- ‘DevRel’

PyScript Fundamentals 101- Run Python in your Browser’s HTML

Now write your Python Code Snippets directly in HTML – Taking Web Development to a whole new Level !

Most Effective Tips to get your Dream Data Science Job

Get your dream role as a Data Scientist by following this go-to guide that covers all essential end to end topics.

Web 3.0, Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Crypto Practice Tests

Web 3.0 Complete Multiple Choice Questions Pack for Learning, Interviews, & Practice – Containing over 250 Questions !

Scrum Certification Course 2022 (Based on Scrum Guide 2020)

Listen to the Scrum Guide 2020, understand Agile & prepare for Scrum certifications in 2022 – Get Scrum Certified Today

Git &Github Practice Tests & Interview Questions (Basic/Adv)

Complete Git and GitHub guide via Practice Tests – Revisit all Git features: commits, branches, squashing etc

Agile, Scrum & Kanban Practice Tests & Interview Questions

Test & Improve your Agile & Scrum skills | All topics included | Practical exercises | Common Interview Questions

Complete Cyber Security Practice Tests & Interview Questions

Test & Improve your Cyber Security skills | All topics included | All Levels | Common Interview Questions

Spotfire Interview Tech Questions Answered with Explanation

Answers with Detail Explanation to Actual Spotfire Interview Questions, beneficial for Beginners and Experienced alike.

Emotional Intelligence for Software Engineers and Developers

Improve your Emotional Intelligence & Boost your career growth using Success@Work model with effective Practical Tips !

WordPress Practice Tests & Interview Questions (Basic/Adv)

Test & Improve your WordPress skills | All topics included | Practical exercises | Common Interview Questions

Machine Learning Practice Tests and Interview Questions

Test & Improve your Machine Learning skills | All topics included | Practice Tests | Common Interview Questions

Flourish Studio Masterclass : Create Animated Visualizations

Race Bar Charts, 3D Maps, Globe Connections, Parliament Chart, Word Cloud, Network Graph, Survey Chart, Photo Slider etc

Microsoft Power BI Practice Tests and Interview Questions

Test & Improve your Microsoft Power BI skills | All topics included | Practice Questions | Common Interview Questions

Essential Non Technical Skills of Effective Data Scientists

Boost your Data Science Career by developing these crucial Non Technical Skills & become a Successful Data Scientist

Python Practice Tests & Interview Questions (Basic/Advanced)

Complete Python Guide via Practice Tests. Pass the Python Certification Exam today & Get your dream job as a Python Dev.

Data Sonification using Two Tone- Convert your Data to Music

Make your own music compositions from datasets without any prior musical or programming knowledge, for FREE !

Web5 Fundamentals – A New Evolution of Web & Data Ownership

The ‘Extra’ decentralized web that puts you in control of your Data and Identity

MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Angular (MEAN/MERN) – 5 in 1

Test & Improve your Full Stack Development skills | All topics included | Practice Tests | Common Interview Questions

Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT in Data Science : A-Z Guide

Learn how to effectively use ChatGPT as a Data Scientist and make the most of this revolutionary AI tool : ChatGPT

Best Prompt Engineering Practice Tests & Interview Questions

Learn Prompt Engineering with these highly curated practice tests and interview questions to help you understand PE.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Practice Tests for Interview

The best practice test course for practicing and implementing Search Engine Optimization SEO to your website

ChatGPT Practice Tests and Interview Questions – Basic/Adv

Best collection of Practice Tests and Interview Questions around ChatGPT, LLM & Prompt Engineering

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Practice Tests – Basic/Adv

Best Learning Material and Practice Question set on Object Oriented Programming Concepts – OOPS.

Crystal Agile Framework : A Complete Guide 2023

Improve your Team’s performance and effectiveness using this most popular Agile Framework : Crystal.

Natural Language Processing NLP Practice Tests – Basic/Adv

Best question set for learning and revising Natural Language Processing NLP, ideal for practice & interview preparation.

Canva Magic Write : Idea to Text to PPT in minutes, using AI

Get rid of your writer’s block and get instant ideas for creating stunning designs, presentations and videos in minutes.

Microsoft Designer Masterclass : Best AI based Designer Tool

The Ultimate Course for Creating Professional Designs using Microsoft Designer

10 in 1 Course : Text to Image AI Art Generators Masterclass

Learn tools like Leonardo AI, Nightcafe, Canva, Bing Image Generator, Gencraft, Photosonic, Blue Willow etc in 1 course.

Pomodoro Technique for Effective Developers and Programmers

Master the Pomodoro Technique to Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency as a Programmer or Software Developer

Artificial General Intelligence AGI : An Introductory course

Learn the basics of Artificial General Intelligence AGI with our course, and know the next steps to be in the AI race !

Google Bard Generative AI Masterclass : Certification Course

Unlock your creative potential and master the art of AI content creation with Google Bard in this step-by-step course

Microsoft Fabric Masterclass: A Unified Data &Analytics Tool

All in one tool for Data Engineering, Data Factory, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Real-Time Analytics, and Power BI !

Microsoft PowerBI Masterclass Edition(Latest Version Aug’23)

Become a Microsoft PowerBI Developer & rise in the Data & Analytics World with the most valuable data skill right now !

Learn Microsoft Power BI in Microsoft Fabric – 2 in 1 Course

Microsoft Fabric is the future of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence and the best time to start learning is now !!


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