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Subodh is a programmer with an MS in Electrical Engineering and 17+ years of experience in the software industry and online instructor at udemy. he has 10+ courses on it, here the coupon codes for all his courses.

Udemy Course Name Discription Duration Rating Students Coupon Link
Thriving in a Hybrid Work Environment : Practical Techniques Understanding the hybrid work environment challenges and solutions to thrive in career. Explains software job as example 1.5 hrs 3.9 1300 Get Coupon
Linux Command Line: No need to Google a command ever! [Practice Test] Linux commands masterclass for software engineers. Focus on using linux man pages to get every answer you need! 4 tests 4.7 5303 Get Coupon
Computer Science & Management tools : Software career growth Must-haves for software development and IT career development. Focusing on timing and coverage instead of costly degree. 5 hrs 4.6 6420 Get Coupon
C++ STL Algorithms : Challenge your design skills [Practice Test] 21 uses cases based questions to help you master data structure algorithm selection using C++ STL algorithms. 4 tests 4.4 3207 Get Coupon
Programming Language Expert Challenge: System Design 101 [Practice Test] Practice tests based framework for programming language selection expertise for a system design in software engineering. 6 tests 4.4 6451 Get Coupon
Debugging Bootcamp : Debugging software by first principles Debugging skills beyond IDE of C++, Java, Python,Rust, Javascript, GoLang or gdb, windbg. Works for Distributed systems. 4.5 hrs 4.3 9212 Get Coupon
Cracking the Coding interview : Think beyond FAANG, Leetcode Interviewing skills framework for long term career development. Build expertise via daily software engineering. 1.5 hrs 4.6 10803 Get Coupon
Software Roles, Responsibilities, IT Recruitment Masterclass Ultimate course for answering “What a software engineer does?”. Understand the basics to recruit or work as developers. 5 hrs 4.7 19133 Get Coupon
Software Engineering Career Bootcamp: From intern to CXO Covers 99% of software engineering career options for all software engineers in C++,Java, Python, Javascript, DevOps etc 6.5 hrs 4.8 20333 Get Coupon

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