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Sandeep Kumar has more than 35 years of Quality Management experience and instructor at Udemy. His areas of specialization include Quality Assurance, ISO 9001:2015, Lean, Six Sigma, Risk Management, QMS Audits. he has 30+ courses on it and taught over 218K+ students over the world. Here is the list of all his courses at a huge discounted price ($9.99) for a limited time.

Udemy Course Name Discription Duration Rating Students Coupon Link
Certified Quality Engineer Training [2023] Comprehensive Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Exam Preparation Course (2023 Body of Knowledge) 39 hrs 4.5 6147 Get Coupon
Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training [2023] Aligned With Internationally Accepted CSSBB, LSSBB Body of Knowledge (2023 version) to Pass Any SSBB Exam+ Certification 35 hrs 4.6 10708 Get Coupon
Certified Manager of Quality Training Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) Exam Preparation Course. 24 hrs 4.5 1979 Get Coupon
Certified Quality Auditor Training Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) Exam Preparation Course – Confidently pass the exam in the first attempt 13 hrs 4.5 3080 Get Coupon
Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training [2023] Aligned with the internationally accepted CSSGB, LSSGB Body of Knowledge (2023 version) + Certification. 26 hrs 4.6 6766 Get Coupon
QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Course Plan and Confidently Conduct Quality Management System Audits – Auditing Explained in Plain and Simple Language. 5 hrs 4.6 12117 Get Coupon
Fundamentals of Reliability Engineering Gain insight into the basics of reliability engineering. Master the fundamentals for CRE or CMRP certification. 3 hrs 4.9 100 Get Coupon
Statistics for Data Analysis Using Python Learn Python from Basics • Descriptive, Inferential Statistics • Plots for Data Visualization • Data Science 16 hrs 4.6 5709 Get Coupon
Mastering ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Plain and Simple Clause by Clause Explanation of ISO 9001:2015 QMS Standard & Implementation Strategies 7 hrs 4.6 6903 Get Coupon
Statistics for Data Analysis Using R Learn Programming in R & R Studio • Descriptive, Inferential Statistics • Plots for Data Visualization • Data Science 13 hrs 4.7 9844 Get Coupon
Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Problem Solving Bootcamp Four RCA approaches for permanent and effective corrective actions | Includes FMEA, VSM and Seven Basic Quality Tools 9 hrs 4.6 2977 Get Coupon
Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Aligned with internationally accepted CSSYB, LSSYB Body of Knowledge + Certification. In an easy to understand language 6 hrs 4.6 23012 Get Coupon
Statistics for Data Analysis Using Excel 2016 Plain & Simple Lessons on Descriptive & Inferential Statistics Theory With Excel Examples for Business & Six Sigma 15 hrs 4.5 20431 Get Coupon
Certified Supplier Quality Manager Training Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) Exam Preparation Course – Supply Chain, MM, Procurement Quality Expert 19 hrs 4.6 357 Get Coupon
Six Sigma Statistics Using Minitab 17 Learn Basics and Confidently Apply Six Sigma Statistical Concepts To Your Green / Black Belt Projects Using Minitab 17 12 hrs 4.6 8344 Get Coupon
Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training [2023] Start your Lean Six Sigma training with experienced instructor and become Lean Six Sigma Certified. Simple and Easy! 1.5 hr 4.5 64210 Get Coupon
Certified Quality Process Analyst Training Certified Quality Process Analyst (CQPA) Exam Preparation Course – Confidently Pass the Exam on the First Attempt 18 hrs 4.3 1224 Get Coupon
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Expert- Basics to Advanced Gage R&R Basics, Type 1 Study, Crossed & Nested Study, Attribute Agreement Analysis, Kappa, Kendall’s Coeff.- IATF 16949 7 hrs 4.7 972 Get Coupon
Mastering the Seven Basic Quality Improvement Tools [2023] Master the 7 QC tools for process improvement using MS Excel + Certification || 2 case studies included. 3 hrs 4.7 1020 Get Coupon
Enterprise Risk Management Develop the Risk Based Thinking for your Business Processes | Apply ERM in 5 Simple Steps to any Business 2 hrs 4.6 6581 Get Coupon
Certified Quality Improvement Associate Training CQIA Exam Preparation Course | Quality Management Foundation Course | Quality 101 | New to Quality? 9 hrs 4.6 269 Get Coupon
Statistical Process Control (SPC) Bootcamp – Excel + Minitab 4 Courses in 1 : Statistics Foundation | Control Charts Using Minitab | Using Excel | Process Capability – IATF 16949 7 hrs 4.5 297 Get Coupon
Quality Management for Business Excellence Lead Quality Management in the Organization • Transform the Organization to Become the Best-in-Class 4 hrs 4.5 27934 Get Coupon
Probability and Statistics – Practice Tests and Solutions Probability and Statistics | 100+ Problems + Explanation Videos | For CQA, CQE, CSSGB, CSSBB, CQT, CQPA Exam Preparation 8 hrs 4.9 1745 Get Coupon
Mastering Data Visualization with Python Visualize data using pandas, matplotlib and seaborn libraries for data analysis and data science 10 hrs 4.8 910 Get Coupon
Gitting Started: Step-by-Step Git and Github Crash Course Git started now with a hands-on guide to learning both Git and GitHub from an expert. 3 hrs 4.8 41942 Get Coupon
Casio fx-991MS and fx-991EX for Quality Certification Exams Master the calculator for your CQA, CQE, CSQP, CMQ/OE, CSSGB, LSSGB, CSSBB, LSSBB, CRE, CQT, CQPA and CQIA exams 4 hrs 4.7 435 Get Coupon
Mastering Data Visualization with R Visualize data using R Base Graphics, Lattice Package and ggplot (GGPlot2) for data analysis and data science 6 hrs 4.7 3563 Get Coupon
Certified Lean Management for Non-manufacturing Processes Apply lean management principles in service, healthcare, software, finance, engineering, travel and other industries 3 hrs 4.6 517 Get Coupon
Git Mindset: Underlying Architecture of Git in Simple Terms Gain a deep intuition of the Git version control system, simplified through story telling 6 hrs 4.8 594 Get Coupon
Kano Analysis Expert – Basics to Advanced [2023] Understand Kano Model to prioritize customer needs. Get the tools and templates required to do a detailed analysis. 2 hrs 4.4 330 Get Coupon
Binary Logistic Regression with Minitab Perform and Analyze the Results of Binary Logistic Regression Analysis using Minitab 19 3 hrs 4.5 247 Get Coupon
Multiple Regression with Minitab Perform & Analyze the Results of Multiple Regression using Minitab 19 – Six Sigma Master Black Belt (SSMBB) Level 5 hrs 4.8 443 Get Coupon

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