The Full Stack Data Scientist BootCamp®

The Full Stack Data Scientist BootCamp® Course includes 124.5 Hours video content and enrolled by 8K+ students and received a 4.5 average review out of 5. Now, you will get 89%OFF on the original price of the course and discount price differs from country to country, and the course provider offers 30-days money-back guarantee! If you are not satisfied in any way, you’ll get your money back.

The Full-Stack Data Scientist BootCamp® is the ONLY course on Udemy newly developed  in July 2022 that covers current and up-to-date A to Z lessons that will make you a Data Scientist.

Created by Dr. Bright, a Ph.D. in Data Science holder, former Microsoft Senior Data Scientist, and a Visiting Faculty at Worcester Institute, this course covers everything that you need to know to become a Full Stack Data Scientist.

What you’ll learn

  • Full Python For Data Science Course
  • Full Statistics For Data Science Course
  • Full Machine Learning Course
  • Full Cloud Deployment Course
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)
  • Full Deep Learning Course
  • Computer Vision(CV)
  • Guide to Hackathons and Virtual Internship
  • Learn Model Deployment on Amazon Web Service(AWS), Google Cloud(GCP), Microsoft Azure, Heroku, Flask API, Streamlit
  • Hands-On Exercises, Projects, Assignements
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Guide To How To Find A Job In Data Science
  • 24/7 Support
  • Mentorship By Instructor
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to Over 30 REAL-WORLD PROJECTS

Included in this course are:

  • Full SQL Course from A-Z
  • Full Python Course from A-Z
  • Full Statistics for Data Science course from A-Z
  • Full Machine Learning course from A-Z
  • Full ML Model Cloud Deployment course A-Z
  • Full Deep Learning course from A-Z
  • Full Artificial Intelligence course from A-Z
  • Full Computer Vision course from A-Z
  • Full Natural Language Processing course from A-Z
  • Full Microsoft Power BI course from A-Z
  • Reading Scientific Research Paper
  • Github for Data Science
  • Recommendation System
  • 24/7 Support
  • Lifetime Access

The instructors and research assistants who created this course have done thorough research in developing this course and making sure to break the concepts down for your understanding taking into consideration people with different backgrounds and experience levels to enroll in this course.

We understand the diversity of the audience that will enroll in this course, some with experience in the field and some completely new to the field, we understand that and we kept that in mind while creating the course. So don’t worry, you are covered.

The very instructors who created the course are going to be your MENTORS throughout the course so you will have someone to come to your aid whenever you get stuck or need help or any form of guidance.

If you are interested in becoming a Full Stack Data Scientist, then this course is the right spot for you, and the ALL-in-ONE course to get you there.

Students and Companies Love This Course.

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Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners who want to start a career in Data Science
  • Anyone who is interested to become a Full Stack Data Scientist
  • Any student who want to enter the field of Data Science after college
  • Any graduate who finds it difficult to find job in other IT field and will like to upskill in Data Science to secure a job
  • Any employee or worker looking for a career change
  • Anyone interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence
  • Anyone interested in the field of Computer Vision
  • Anyone interested in the field of Natural Language Processing
  • Anyone enrolled in other course and finding it difficult to understand the concepts
  • Anyone who wants to really dive deep into understanding the concepts and master it
  • Anyone who wants to secure a job in the field of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning
  • Anyone interested in building AI and Data Science products
  • Anyone who wants to pass their Data Science interviews easily

Can I download The Full Stack Data Scientist BootCamp® course?

You can download videos for offline viewing in the Android/iOS app. When course instructors enable the downloading feature for lectures of the course, then it can be downloaded for offline viewing on a desktop.
Can I get a certificate after completing the course?
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, learners will get the course e-Certification from the course provider. The The Full Stack Data Scientist BootCamp® course certification is a proof that you completed and passed the course. You can download it, attach it to your resume, share it through social media.
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