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Next JS & Open AI / GPT: Next-generation Next JS & AI apps

Next JS & OpenAI GPT3.5: Build an SEO-friendly blog post gen app with auth0, GPT, stripe payments, tailwind, & MongoDB

GitHub Copilot: Use AI to write code for you! (Copilot 2023)

GitHub Copilot: Your AI pair programmer. Use AI to write the majority of code for a web app project ~GitHub Copilot 2023

Tailwind CSS – Zero to Hero tailwind css – tailwind v3 2023

Tailwind CSS – effortlessly build a tailwind css music festival site & build custom tailwind plugins, components & more!

Next JS & WordPress: Build rapid NextJS sites with Next & WP

Next JS & Headless WordPress: Build a fully functioning real estate property website with Next.js & WordPress ~Next 2023

Gatsby JS v5 & Headless WordPress (Gatsby & WordPress 2023)

Gatsby.js & WordPress: Learn Gatsby and generate super-fast Gatsby static sites with a WordPress backend inc. Gutenberg

React styled components / styled-components [V5 EDITION]

Ditch CSS stylesheets! Learn CSS in JS to quickly and cleanly style React components with the styled components library

Gatsby JS & Prismic: Build RAPID Gatsby sites [Gatsby.js v4]

Gatsby JS & Prismic. Use Prismic headless CMS data in Gatsby to generate Gatsby.js static sites & deploy to Gatsby cloud

Redux Saga with React: Fast-track Redux Saga intro course

QUICKEST way to understand and get up and running with Redux Sagas and start implementing in React and Redux projects.

Next JS ChatGPT clone with Next.JS & OpenAI (NextJS 13 2023)

Use Next JS & OpenAI to build a ChatGPT clone, incl. mongodb, edge functions, auth0, tailwind css + more! (Next JS v13)

Udemy Course Creation for Web Developers (Unofficial)

Earn passive income as a web dev on udemy! Identify topics that will sell, equipment, sale strategies +more (Unofficial)

WordPress Gutenberg Block Development with React JS and PHP

Use ReactJS and PHP to build a custom WordPress Gutenberg block library – with React.js & WordPress Gutenberg (WP 6+)

Tailwind CSS full e-commerce site with snipcart ~Tailwind v3

Learn Tailwind CSS by building a fully functional e-commerce site with Tailwind CSS v3 & snipcart (Tailwind CSS 2023)

Astro JS v3 & WordPress (Astro.js, TailwindCSS & WordPress)

Astro JS & Headless WordPress: Build a fully functioning real estate property website with Astro.js Tailwind & WordPress


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