Ultimate Electrical Machines for Electrical Engineering

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Great Importance of Transformers
  • Understand why are the Transformers backbone of Power System
  • Understand the Importance of Iron Core
  • Learn about the Magnetic Circuit represented by the Core
  • Understand the Construction of the Windings in Transformer and how they are put inside the Core
  • Get the Reason for Using Copper for the Windings
  • Classify the Windings according to different categories
  • Understand the Function of Insulating Material and Transformer Oil
  • Realize the Importance of the Conservator in Transformer
  • Understand how Breather Remove the moisture and Why?
  • Realize how Important the Bushings for Human Safety
  • Understand the Importance of Tap changer and its effect on Load Variation
  • Realize the Benefit of Cooling Tubes for Oil
  • Understand how Important is the Buchholz Relay in Transformer
  • Realize benefit of the Explosion Vents to protect Transformer from Explosion.
  • Differentiate between Different Methods of Cooling of Transformer and Their Corresponding Power Rating
  • Understand the Different Types of Transformers as Power and Distribution Transformers
  • Understand the Difference between Single Phase Core and Shell Type Transformers
  • Understand the Difference between Three Phase Core and Shell Type Transformers​
  • Compare between the Shell Type and Core Type Transformers
  • Understand the Theory of Operation of Transformer
  • Differentiate between Ideal and Non Ideal Transformers
  • Realize the Effect of Loading on Transformer
  • Understand the Transformer Regulation and Efficiency
  • Learn about Different Losses occurring in Transformer
  • Understand the Meaning of Transformer Rating
  • Understand the Voltage relation in Transformer
  • Differentiate between Approximate and Exact Equivalent Circuits of Transformer
  • Understand the Concept of Referring in Transformer
  • Learn Solved Example on Transformer
  • Understand the Importance of the Magnetic circuit and its application like Transformer.
  • Learn about the difference between Linear and non Linear Materials .
  • Understand the Important Definitions of Magnetic Circuits.
  • learn about the Flux Linkage and Reluctance.
  • Understand the Analogy between the Magnetic and Electric Circuits
  • learn about Induced EMF and Current.
  • Solve Examples on the Magnetic Circuit.
  • Understand the Fringing Effect.
  • Use Ampere Right Hand Rule or screw Rule.
  • Importance and construction of DC machines.
  • Armature Winding And EMF Equation.
  • Separately Excited DC Machine.
  • Shunt And Series DC Machines.
  • Types And Applications Of Compound DC Motors.
  • Torque-Speed Characteristics And Speed Control Of Separately Excited DC Motor.
  • Torque-Speed Characteristics Of Series DC Motor.
  • Starting Of DC Machine.
  • Losses In DC Machines.
  • Dozens Of Solved Examples On All Types Of DC Machines.
  • Construction And Principle Of Operation Of Synchronous Generator.
  • Principle Of Operation Of Synchronous Motor.
  • Equivalent Circuit And Phasor Diagram Of Non Salient Synchronous Machine.
  • Equivalent Circuit And Phasor Diagram Of Salient Synchronous Machine.
  • Parallel Operation Of Two Generators.
  • Synchronization Of Machine With Grid.
  • Dozens Of Solved Examples On Synchronous Machines Salient And Non Salient.
  • Construction And Theory Of Operation Of Induction Machines.
  • Equivalent Circuit And Power Flow In Induction Motor.
  • Torque-Speed Characteristics Of Induction Motor.
  • Methods Of Speed Control Of Induction Motor.
  • Methods Of Starting Induction Motor.
  • Principle Of Operation Of Doubly Fed Induction Generator.
  • Self Excited Induction Generator.
  • Dozens Of Solved Examples On Induction Machines.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to get knowledge about Transformers from Zero
  • Anyone who wants to get knowledge about Magnetic Circuits.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Electric Machines.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about DC Machines.
  • Anyone who wants to get knowledge about Synchronous Machines.
  • Anyone who wants to learn everything about Induction Machines.
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