Analytics for Decision Making Specialization

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What you will learn from the Analytics for Decision Making Specialization

  • Understand the concepts, processes, and applications of predictive modeling.
  • Understand the structure of and intuition behind linear regression models.
  • Be able to fit simple and multiple linear regression models to data, interpret the results, evaluate the goodness of fit, and use fitted models to make predictions.
  • Understand the problem of overfitting and underfitting and be able to conduct simple model selection.
  • Understand the concepts, processes, and applications of time series forecasting as a special type of predictive modeling.
  • Be able to fit several time-series-forecasting models (e.g., exponential smoothing and Holt-Winter’s method) in Excel, evaluate the goodness of fit, and use fitted models to make forecasts.
  • Understand different types of data and how they may be used in predictive models.
  • Use Excel to prepare data for predictive modeling, including exploring data patterns, transforming data, and dealing with missing values.
  • Understanding the Mechanics of a Regression Model
  • How to fit a multiple linear regression model using Excel’s Regression tool and Trend() function
  • Making Predictions using the Regression Tool and Trend() function
  • How to prepare a dataset for predictive modeling
  • Handling Different Types of Variables
  • How to use Excel Pivot Table to Explore Column Values
  • How to use Excel VLOOKUP to Encode Ordinal Variables
  • How to use Excel IF function to Encode Nominal Variables
  • How to Forecast using the Moving Averages Model
  • How to recognize contexts where it can be applied and get introduced to the basics of linear optimization
  • Modeling Approaches to Decision Making
  • How to Setup a Linear Optimization Problem
  • Luxury Sofas Problem & Solutions to the Luxury Sofas Practice Problem
  • Solving Linear Optimization Problems
  • Finding the Optimal Solution for the Problem
  • Special cases of linear optimization problems
  • How to formulate linear optimization problem and the graphical methods for solving them
  • Steps in Implementing an LP Model in Excel & Organizing LP model data in Excel
  • Learn to formulate problems in investment portfolio optimization and multi-period cash flow management.
  • Understanding the Impact of Parameter Changes
  • Use of linear optimization in supply chain decisions
  • Formulating a Transportation Problem
  • Formulating an Inventory Planning
  • Entering the Inventory Planning in Excel
  • Formulating a Staffing Decision Problem
  • Solving the Inventory Planning Problem
  • Formulating the Office Assignment Decision Problem
  • Entering the Office Assignment Problem in Excel
  • Formulating a Product Mix Optimization Problem
  • Formulating a Blending Optimization Problem
  • Advanced Excel techniques to model and execute simulation models
  • Simulation Modeling & Types of Simulation Modeling

Analytics for Decision Making Specialization includes 4 Courses they are

  1. Introduction to Predictive Modeling
  2. Optimization for Decision Making
  3. Advanced Models for Decision Making
  4. Simulation Models for Decision Making

Course Instructors De Liu, Soumya Sen, Alok Gupta & Offered by University of Minnesota from Coursera

Course Duration: Approximately 4 months to complete (Suggested pace of 4 hours/week)

Course is for Beginner Level

Can I download Analytics for Decision Making Specialization course?

You can download videos for offline viewing in the Android/iOS app. When course instructors enable the downloading feature for lectures of the course, then it can be downloaded for offline viewing on a desktop.
Can I get a certificate after completing the course?
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, learners will get the course e-Certification from the course provider. The Analytics for Decision Making Specialization course certification is a proof that you completed and passed the course. You can download it, attach it to your resume, share it through social media.
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