Concurrency, Multithreading and Parallel Computing in Java

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand basic concurrency
  • Understand the basics of multithreading
  • Understand parallel processing
  • Able to use the concepts in real life scenarios 

Section 1 – Multithreading Theory:

  • theory behind multithreading
  • pros and cons of multithreading
  • life cycle of a thead

Section 2 – Threads Manipulation:

  • starting threads (Runnable interface and Thread class)
  • join keyword
  • daemon threads

Section 3 – Inter-Thread Communication:

  • memory management of threads
  • synchronization and synchronized blocks
  • locks
  • wait and notify
  • producer-consumer problem and solution
  • concurrent collections
  • latch, cyclic barrier and blocking queues
  • delay queue, priority queue and concurrent maps

Section 4 – Multithreading Concepts:

  • volatile keywords
  • deadlocks and livelocks
  • semaphores and mutexes
  • dining philosophers problem
  • library application
  • miner game

Section 6 – Executors and ExecutorServices:

  • executors
  • executor services

Section 6 – Concurrent Collections:

  • latches
  • cyclic barriers
  • delay and priority queues
  • concurrent HashMaps

Section 7 –  Simulations:

  • dining philosophers problem
  • library problem

Section 8 – Parallel Algorithms:

  • what is parallel computing
  • parallel merge sort
  • parallel algorithms

Section 9 – Fork-Join Framework

  • Fork-Join framework
  • maximum finding in parallel manner

Section 10 – Stream API

  • the Stream API explained with examples
  • sequential streams and parallel streams

Section 11 – BigData and MapReduce:

  • what is MapReduce
  • MapReduce and Fork-Join framework

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for students who want to get a good grasp on multithreading in java or just want a quick refresher
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