Designing Data Warehouse From Scratch: End to End Guide

Published on October 29th, 2021 and Last Verified on July 1st, 2024,
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Course Name : Designing Data Warehouse From Scratch: End to End Guide
Short description : Master the art of building a data warehouse from the ground up with this comprehensive end to end guide
Duration : 5 hrs
Avg Rating : 3.3
Original Price : $119.99
Discouont Price : $12.99
Provider : Udemy
Course Type : Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access

What you’ll learn

  • Begin with the basics of data warehousing, understanding its significance, and exploring data modeling concepts to design the logical view of your DW
  • Get hands-on with Amazon Redshift, learning how to set up, manage, and optimize your data warehouse cluster for performance and cost-efficiency.
  • Translate your logical model into a robust physical model in Redshift, mastering the art of schema design, table creation, and query optimization.
  • Explore various data ingestion methods and learn how to transform raw data into insightful, analytical information using ETL and ELT processes.
  • Implement the cutting-edge medallion architecture in your data warehouse to streamline data processing and enhance analytical capabilities.
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