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End to End Test Automation with Playwright (TS/C#/Java)

Master web app automation with Playwright’s modern approach and multiple language bindings – Updated 2023 with v1.38

API testing with RestSharp along with framework development

Learn API testing in .NET world using RestSharp in .NET 7, XUnit, Specflow and GitHub Actions – 2023 Updated ⚡️

Spring Boot for Automation Testing – UI and Microservices

Automate application with the power of Spring Boot framework for UI and Microservices

Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced)

An End-to-End Selenium automation framework development course

Advanced Automation Testing of Modern Apps with C# .NET

Learn modern ways to automate application with C# .NET using Selenium, XUnit, Dependency Injections, Docker and more !

Event-Driven Microservices: Develop and Test with C# .NET

Master course to develop Event-Driven Microservices from ground up and test all layers like UI, API, Integration

Automation Framework Development with Playwright in C# .NET

An End-to-End Playwright automation framework development course

Advanced Automation framework with Appium C# – 2020 Updated

Automate Android & iOS application in Windows and MacOS in C# with Appium

Build+Deploy+Test with Jenkins 2.0

Learn Jenkins 2.0 for end-to-end testing of applications

End to End automation testing with Cypress

An next generation non-selenium based automation testing tool – Updated 2023 with v13.0

Automation framework with Selenium Java (Advanced)

Learn developing advanced framework for selenium like never before with complete customization of code

Automate application with Specflow and Selenium C#

Learn how Specflow and Selenium glues together for behavioral driven development (BDD) automation testing.

Understanding Docker and using it for Selenium automation

Learn docker and containers from complete ground up

Continuous Integration & Delivery with Azure DevOps Service

Understand Continuous Integration, Development, Delivery & Testing with Azure DevOps service 2020

Mobile Automation with Xamarin UITest

Automate cross platform application with Xamarin.UITest for android/ios

Develop and Test GraphQL Server with GraphQL .NET & ASP .NET

From complete basic of GraphQL using GraphQL NET

Working with TFS 2015 Dev and QA focused

Learn Team Foundation Server 2015 from ground up

Automation testing with Puppeteer, Playwright and CodeceptJS

Learn E2E testing of Web Apps with Puppeteer, Playwright and CodeceptJS from complete ground up

Advanced framework development with Coded UI Test 2015/2017

Learn the first ever advanced framework development in Coded UI like never before

Angular automation with Protractor + Typescript + Cucumber

Understand Protractor and Cucumber with Typescript language from complete ground up

Coded UI Testing with Visual Studio 2013

Learn Coded UI testing from ground up and understand the basics much stronger than ever


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