Chris Croft

Chris Croft is one of the UK’s leading trainers and provides a wide variety of courses designed to involve, inspire and motivate people of all levels.
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Best Seller
88%OFF Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

What you'll learn Enjoy selling by befriending customers Close deals with confidence Be organised and efficient ...

Best Seller
96%OFF Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills

What you'll learn Become a Master in Leadership Be a better boss, and run a highly effective team Delegate effectively to empower ...

Best Seller
88%OFF Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills

What you'll learn Negotiate effectively and fairly to make 1000s more than they would otherwise Be confident in starting and finishing a ...

Best Seller
88%OFF Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every Customer

What you'll learn Be flooded with ideas on how to delight customers Stand out from competitors with unique customer experiences ...

Best Seller
88%OFF Overcome Difficult People – Assertiveness with Games Players

What you'll learn Identify 20 different types of Games Players, and 6 methods for overcoming them Practical tools and techniques for ...

Best Seller
88%OFF Influencing and Persuading

What you'll learn Get the best out of every interaction - at work or at home Feel calm and confident when persuading others ...

Best Seller
88%OFF Negotiation Applied: Practical at Work Negotiating

What you'll learn Applying negotiating theory to real life work scenarios Getting a pay rise, or negotiating your hiring salary ...

88%OFF Positive Self Talk – Affirmations & Mindset

What you'll learn Practical techniques for living a happier, more fulfilled life Use mantras and affirmations to change your life ...

Best Seller
88%OFF Happiness: Practical Secrets to Being Happy

What you'll learn Practical tools and techniques for increasing happiness Become happier at work and at home Take back control of ...

Best Seller
88%OFF Career Development and Life Goal Setting

What you'll learn Work out what motivates you to go to work in the morning Set goals for your life and career How to get started ...

Hot & New
88%OFF Your Sales Questions ANSWERED – with Chris Croft and Miles

What you'll learn Improving sales skills Overcoming sales objections Dealing with rude or aggressive customers ...

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