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R$ 22,90 Elasticsearch e Elastic Stack: o Curso Completo!

Curso completo de Elasticseach 7: busque, analise e visualize Big Data com Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, & Beats. Orientado por Fernando Amaral,  13 ...

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$9.99 Elasticsearch 8 and the Elastic Stack: In Depth and Hands On

What you'll learn Install and configure Elasticsearch 7 on a cluster Create search indices and mappings Search full-text and ...

$9.99 AWS EKS Kubernetes-Masterclass | DevOps, Microservices

Docker, EBS, RDS, CLB, NLB, ALB, Fargate, ECR, CloudWatch, Route53, Certificate Manager, X-Ray, Ingress, Autoscaling,SNS Instructed by Kalyan Reddy Daida 26.5 ...

100%OFF Complete Guide to Elasticsearch 8 with Python

What you'll learn The theory of Elasticsearch and how it works under-the-hood Working with Elasticsearch and Kibana Writing ...

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100%OFF Elastic Certified Engineer Exam V8.1 – 2023

Learn and Pass Elastic Certified Engineer Exam V8.1 - 2023 Edition Instructed by Deepak Dubey 6 hours on-demand video & 2 downloadable resources Free ...

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94%OFF Complete Elasticsearch Masterclass with Logstash and Kibana

What you'll learn Build an Elasticsearch 6 cluster from scratch Perform various searches using the query DSL Perform powerful ...

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What you'll learn You will learn each and every feature of Elastic Beanstalk Environments You will understand the Rolling Updates & ...

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