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100%OFF The Complete Hands-on Introduction to Airbyte

What you'll learn Understand what Airbyte is, its architecture, concepts, and its role in the MDS Install and set up Airbyte locally with ...

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$12.99 Apache Airflow: The Hands-On Guide

What you'll learn Coding Production Grade Data pipelines by Mastering Airflow through Hands-on Examples How to Follow Best Practices with ...

Best Seller
$12.99 The Complete Hands-On Introduction to Apache Airflow

What you'll learn Create plugins to add functionalities to Apache Airflow. Using Docker with Airflow and different executors ...

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$12.99 Apache Airflow: The Operators Guide

What you'll learn Master Apache Airflow Operators How to version your DAGs How to create DAG dependencies efficiently How ...

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$12.99 Apache Airflow on AWS EKS: The Hands-On Guide

What you'll learn How to Set Up a Production Ready Architecture for Airflow on AWS EKS From A-Z How to deploy DAGs from Git (public and ...

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