Sameer Saini

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Sameer Saini is a professional Full Stack Software Developer with over 12 years of industry experience. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and creating high-quality courses that follow best practices and clean code standards.

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$12.99 Mastering ASP.NET MVC: Building Dynamic Web Applications

The best ASP.NET MVC Course providing practical real world example of creating ASP.NET MVC Website with Entity Framework Instructed by Sameer Saini 12.5 hours ...

$12.99 ANGULAR and ASP.NET Core REST API – Real World Application

Create a UI Application using Angular and a REST Web API using ASP.NET Core and create a real world full stack app Instructed by Sameer Saini 8 hours ...

$12.99 ASP.NET Core Razor Pages Web Development [.NET 8 Updated]

The Best ASP.NET Core Razor Pages Web Dev Course - Instead of using old ASP.NET Core MVC use ASP.NET Razor Pages instead Instructed by Sameer Saini 13 hours ...

$12.99 Build ASP.NET Core Web API – Scratch To Finish (.NET8 API)

Use C# and Build an ASP.NET Core Web API with Entity Framework Core, SQL Server, Authentication & Authorization | .NET 8 Instructed by Sameer Saini 18 ...

$12.99 C# Mastery – The Complete C# Programming Course 2024

What you'll learn How to create my own C# apps. Create a portfolio of C# App Developed in Visual Studio Learn the fundamentals of ...

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